Tips For Selling Your Home

I show many homes throughout the year and am constantly surprised at how often Sellers neglect the importance of their home's first impression. This important asset should be in the best showing condition possible. Here are the best suggestions I have for anyone selling their home:
1. Simplify
De-clutter is a repeated saying in Real Estate! Get rid of anything that would constitute clutter in your home. Items that are sitting somewhere for the sake of having to be somewhere—put them away and hide them. Some notorious areas for clutter are kitchen counters (e.g. appliances), phone book areas, fridges, basements, and mud rooms. You want a prospective Buyer to see things as large as possible, so showing all the available counter space in a kitchen is very important.

2. Clean and Presentable
I know, I know, I know. It sounds obvious. But the reality is there are many homes on the market that won't fetch the highest price because they aren't presented properly. Take out the smelly garbage, change the littler box, vacuum the floor, etc. Even consider baking cookies! I have never seen a buyer be upset about the smell of freshly baked cookies with a note reading, "please help yourself." It makes your home far more memorable. 

3. Don't Be There
Buyers do not want you present during their showing. It is uncomfortable for a Buyers to speak openly with each other and with their realtor if you are listening in. As a Seller, you want to provide the most inviting atmosphere possible, and this does not include you being around when the buyer is critiquing your home.

4. Open the Blinds and Turn On the Lights
Buyers appreciate sunshine and natural light. Show off the natural light your home offers without them having to walk around and open the blinds themselves. You will also want to have the lights on for any showings. And don't neglect the fireplace. This is imperative on dark and dreary days or during evening house. And because our winters make for dark mornings and afternoons be sure to turn on the outside lights.

5. Listen to the Market
This may be number five on the list but it is number one in terms of importance. The amount of people through your home is a great indicator of where you are positioned in your market. I ask for feedback from other Real Estate agents after their showings and on occasion receive great feedback on what others thought about the property. These comments may be about the price or a suggestion on something to be done to the property. The market is going to tell you a story. Listen to the market and adjust accordingly.

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